Ghostly In The Smoke: 13:13 Anniversary Autumnal Mix By Becka Diamond


Dearest enthusiasts, supporters, readers and contributors, we are upon the one year anniversary of 13:13.  This birthday mix, aptly fallen on the autumnal equinox, is full of love and gratitude to all those who have believed in the site over the past year.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And now, on to the music, celebrations are in order!


Ghostly In The Smoke: 13:13 1st Anniversary Autumnal Mix

1. “Obsession” – Delphic Oracle.

2. “Miss The Girl – Creatures.

3. “Spies In the Wires” – Cabaret Voltaire.

4. “More Alone” – Tropic Of Cancer.

5. “Stripped” – Depeche Mode.

6.”The Black Mill Video Tape” – Pye Corner Audio.

7. “Oh, Death” – Sons Of Magdalene.

8. “Cousins Of The Antichrist” – Chelsea Wolfe.

9. “One Lick Less” – Unwound.

10. “Dominion” – Danzig.

11. “Never Be Mine” – Kate Bush.

12. “You’re Not The Only One I Know” – The Sundays.

13. “Before I Leave You” – Nikki Sudden.

Melty candles photographed by Becka Diamond.

Ghostly In The Smoke: Autumn ’13 by Becka Diamond by 13:13 on Mixcloud